southwestern necklace in green and gold
southwestern necklace in green and gold contemporary southwestern necklace
This is a southwestern style necklace with a modern and minimal twist; capturing the beauty and strength of the southwest and the vibrant desert energy in every woman.  
The Montezuma necklace is perfect for just about any look and will spice up even your most casual attire. This is an effortless necklace, one size fits all, that slides over your head and drapes mid chest. The delicate brass chain has intermittent turquoise and brass beads hand wire wrapped for a bit of color. The brass is hand sawed, pierced, and individually patina'd.
The tribal hand sawed shape is sharp and edgy with the essence of a desert sky painted with a greenish blue patina which fortunately, brightens and enhances all skin tones. The delicate process of the patina allows every piece of our Tribal Collection to be a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. No two pieces will ever come out exactly the same. 
Dimensions: Montezuma Pendant is 44mm wide and 61.5mm long | Total length of necklace is approximately 28" with chain