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A stunning piece of jewelry can add a statement that will last a lifetime, whether it is a moon phase ring...
diamond line jewelry

Diamond Line

Diamond line collection. Created with a minimal aesthetic in mind, it is edgy and simple at the same time.  Made of raw...
Lace & Twigs

Lace & Twigs

Jewelry inspired by lace and twigs. Silver rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces with a whimsical and organic texture that will make the...
Moon Phase Rings

Moon Phase

Phases of the moon jewelry. Silver moon phase jewelry with turquoise and gold bead accents. Hand embossed phases of the...
ring collection


Rings made by hand Fingers were meant to be adorned and a great manicure can be the perfect backdrop for...
tribal jewelry

Tribal Line

Tribal line. Southwestern style with modern edge.