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Spinner Rings Make Great Wedding Bands, Calms Nerves and Other Benefits


A spinner ring is a group of rings made so the outer ring or rings, spin on the inner ring. 

They are sometimes called a ‘worry’ or ‘anxiety’ ring because it gives those with mild anxious habits - like fidgeting, an effortless solution. 

This style of ring is a little edgier than your traditional wedding band, but equally beautiful and can be worn as one. Since it’s said that it can be calming for those who have nervous tendencies, it’s more than perfect for your wedding day if you’re not the calm and collected type.

A spinner ring also calms nerves in other ways:


  • It makes a good faux engagement/wedding ring for those who don’t want to be considered single.


  • If you commonly need something for your hands to do at a party, but rather not hold a drink all night, toying with this piece of jewelry during conversations is, well, handy.


  • It may be helpful if you tend to over gesture with your hands when giving a speech, and or, if you generally tend to fidget in this situation.


  • If you have a job interview and aren’t sure you can keep from toying with your hair or tapping your fingers, this ring may offer a discreet way to hide your nerves.


  • It serves as a safe decoy ring when you are traveling. It’s a far less expensive and more low-key version of a wedding ring or equally expensive piece (because you don’t want your grandmother’s heirloom, 7-carat, platinum emerald and diamond ring stolen).


Spinner rings are not only versatile for a variety of occasions and situations, but because there are seemingly endless possibilities for design, too. They can vary from organic to vintage, and modern elegant, styles.  This ring can be delicate or bold. They can be engraved. They can feature stones, have texture, and consist of a mix of metals. See examples of some spinner ring styles by Harold Jewelry here!


rose gold diamond spinner ring purple sapphire spinner ring diamond spinner ring twig spinner ring

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