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Harold Jewelry Makes Beautiful Stocking Stuffers. Find Unique Holiday Gift Ideas Online.

Harold Jewelry has just the right gifts for the person who has particular tastes. They may be adventurous, quirky, or casually glamorous. These jewelry pieces are stylish, elegant, sometime whimsical and are great stocking stuffers.

The following is just a sampling of our distinctive jewelry styles you can choose from and will make your holiday shopping a little easier this year.


Spinner Rings

Spinner Ring

Do you have a fashionista in your life that’s anxious or tends to worry more than most?  A spinner ring is the perfect gift. Spinner rings by Harold Jewelry are available in mixed metal combinations so they complement other gold and silver jewelry simultaneously. A smaller ring overlaps a larger band and can be turned, giving your loved one something to do with their nervous energy at holiday parties and gatherings.


Cactus Jewelry

Cactus Earrings and Necklace 

 Does that special someone in your life have an appreciation for the outdoors, maybe an eclectic point-of-view, or rather not dress up too much?  Our selection of cactus jewelry is sure to appeal to them. Choose from a simple gold and silver cactus necklace or one of our bolder saguaro cactus necklaces.

Initial Necklace


 An initial necklace by Harold Jewelry is an interesting twist on a traditional classic style. Unpretentiously cool is one way you to describe the twig style lettering. Buy one with a first initial, or their last initial, or buy two and let your loved one change them up!

Twig Jewelry Combinations

Gold Twig Ring

Everything old is new again. The hoop earring has made a comeback from the 80’s but with new and different takes on the design. We offer large hoops with a twig texture. Pair this with our Starburst Amethyst Necklace or the Silver Twig Blue Lace Ring.

Still can’t decide? Check out all of the Harold Jewelry line. We hope we’ve made your holiday gift giving easier!  If you aren’t sure what style to get, you can always purchase a gift card, or we can create a custom piece to your specifications. We can answer all of your jewelry questions here.

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