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10 Holiday Travel Tips Make Easy Packing for Jewelry Lovers

Holiday packing can be stressful on it’s own. This is even more so if you have multiple holiday events to dress for and like to complete your outfits with interesting necklaces, earrings, cuffs and rings.  Which of your favorite pieces do you bring? How can you keep them from becoming a knotted mess more challenging than the long lines at the airport?



These jewelry-packing tips are sure to make your holiday travels much easier:

 jewelry travel tips


  • Take one sheet of plastic wrap large enough to lay all your necklaces with about a half-inch space in between each. Lay another piece of plastic wrap on top of them.  Press the sheets together around each necklace and then roll the sheets up. Your necklaces should be secure and tangle-free on arrival and perfectly presentable for toasts, turkey cutting and gift exchanges.


  • A more sustainable, plastic – free method of the previous mentioned tip would be to use a microfiber cloth and roll each necklace individually within each section of cloth. 


  • If you have a pillbox you’re not using, it’s great for rings and small earring sets.


  •   Running one necklace strand through a straw and then the other through another straw will keep your delicate necklaces from tangling together.

jewelry travel with straws 

  • Do you keep your tiny mint containers after the mints are long gone because they’re cute? Put them to good use and stow a few rings, or studs in them.

mint container with earrings 

  •  Do you have extra eyeglass cases? Store a few bracelets, or earrings inside them.

jewelry travel container eyeglass case 

  • Or, if you have extra contact cases, they can work for rings, and small stud earrings, too.


  • Even if you’re going somewhere warm for the holidays, you may have a few pairs of socks you’re bringing. They make secure and reliable storage for rings and bracelets. Stow these accessories inside them.


  • Do you bring your business cards when you travel? Push earring backs through one to secure your ear bling.


  • When it comes to deciding which pieces to bring, lighter pieces are easier and obviously take less space. However, if you can’t live without your statement pieces, narrow it down to one or two.


We hope these tips make your holiday packing easier! See some examples of Harold Jewelry that make for light packing here.



Happy Holidays!

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